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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Small screen battles

So Zee TV gets the rights to telecast the Indo-SL Test series.
"There were three bids that came in: Rs19.5 crores [US$4.24million] by Zee TV, US$4.1million by ESPN, and there was a Nimbus bid which I can't disclose because it was rejected on grounds of non-conformity," Modi said. "These are only for satellite rights. The earlier committee, Mr. Dalmiya's, had negotiated the rights with Doordarshan on a sharing of 80%-20% without a minimum guarantee and without any satellite [deal]. Doordarshan will continue to market their own rights, and the BCCI will receive 75% of that. That's a 5% reduction," he said, emphasising the figure. "So we've got Rs19.5 crores from Zee TV. That's the first point. Number two, they had negotiated a deal with TWI for $1.052 million for production. The new BCCI committee has been able to reduce that to $977,000, saving $77,000 for the BCCI. Number three, they had awarded the international rights for a revenue share of 80%-20% to Nimbus. We have been able to negotiate with Nimbus and bring them down to 85%-15%."

Am hopeless at math, so if anyone among you think this is flawed, do let me know why. As far as I can see, the terms of the award are out in the open; it remains to be seen if anyone else has a protest (invariably, over the past couple of years, each such rights award has been accompanied by at the least one protest -- be interesting to see if the trend continues). The real biggie, though, is when the long term contracts are awarded out -- in how the BCCI handles the process will come our first clue to what sort of administration we now have.


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