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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Small screen, big battles

While we await a final resolution on the telecast rights issue, private channels appear to be putting on their thinking caps and coming up with preferred solutions.
Sources informed that both the private sports channels can agree to share the feed with DD if both their distribution and advertising revenue is protected. In turn, DD will get the feed (with channels logo), which it can sell separately to the advertisers. The ad-revenue of DD can then be shared with the rights holder in 20:80 ratio, favouring the rights holders. “If this formula is adopted, DD will get to show cricket to the nation, while private channels could earn revenue on both cable and terrestrial channels,” sources said.
The private sports channels are expected to meet the I&B minister in the next ten days to discuss amongst other things, a workable solution around the ‘retrospective clause’ in the new downlinking guidelines.


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