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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sourav rehabilitation on the cards?

Moves are on, Cricinfo reports, to 'rehabilitate' Sourav Ganguly.
Already, moves are apparently on behind the scenes to review the issue and to, if possible, provide Ganguly with a more dignified exit. Pawar has let it be known that it is "my prerogative" to sit with the selectors in the next "two or three days" to "understand" what actually happened. The scheduled selection committee meeting on December 22 and 23 thus assumes considerable significance.
Principal among the various `rehabilitation' measures being discussed is the one whereby Ganguly will be included for the upcoming tour of Pakistan as one final appearance for the national side. This is to enable him a "Steve Waugh-like exit" and even if he were to score two consecutive hundreds there it would make no difference.

Interesting, very. That Sourav's axing from the national team was badly timed and crudely carried out is a given; to that wrong, the cricket establishment likely will add another -- the dangerous precedent of allowing political pressure and public outcry to determine team selection.
In Sourav's case, natural justice will perhaps be served; who, though, knows where this precedent will take us in the future? Politicians of all stripes are always on the look for emotive issues to dangle before their constituencies -- and in India, few issues are as emotive as cricket.


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