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Friday, December 02, 2005

A to Zee of telecast rights...

...is the headline for this timeline piece from Mid-Day on the rights issue.
Here's what jumps out at you:
* Zee bid Rs 195 million while ESPN-Star comes up with a bid of Rs 188 million while the Nimbus bid could not be disclosed because it was rejected on the grounds of non-conformity.
However, Prasar Bharti counsel Rajiv Sharma says the right to telecast the three-Test series has already been awarded to Prasar Bharti.
Sharma also says he has a letter as proof from the then BCCI secretary SK Nair dated November 28 awarding them the rights.

How were the rights awarded to Prasar Bharti? On the basis of what bidding process? None, that anyone can recall -- and yet SK Nair, one day before the board elections, found the time to dash off a letter awarding the rights to PB.


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