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Friday, December 23, 2005

Train to Pakistan...

...is the header for a Mumbai Mirror piece wherein Kunal Pradhan picks his 15 for the upcoming tour, indicates why he thinks Sourav Ganguly won't make the cut, and goes on to elaborate why he thinks Sourav should in fact want to sit out.
As things stand it’s highly unlikely, almost impossible unless Sharad Pawar insists on it following their big dinner meeting, that Ganguly will make the 15-man squad for Pakistan. He should not. The sacking was totally unwarranted, but bringing him back will mean being unfair on someone else, and two wrongs never make a right.
The selectors, in fact, have put themselves in a no-win situation. And they can’t complain, for they are themselves to blame.

And then this:
Actually, Ganguly should not even want to be a member of this side. What’s the use of touring with the squad in which the captain and coach don’t want him? It’s only a way to lose respect within the team, which is riding on a winning wave and doesn’t look at him as an item of necessity.


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