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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Viru Sehwag in run chases

In a post yesterday, had referenced S Rajesh's piece on Cricinfo about Sachin Tendulkar in run chases. And inter alia, had wondered how Viru Sewhag compared with the players tabulated in that piece.
Thanks, Rahul Tyagi for digging up the answer and passing it on via email. Here you go:
Overall stats while chasing since 2002 (excluding Zim, Ban, Kenya)
Matches Runs Average Strike Rate
51 1844 36.16 101.82

Stats while chasing more than 240 since 2002 (excluding Zim, Ban, Ken)
Matches Runs Average Strike Rate
33 1197 38.61 105.18

Seems to indicate that like SRT, Sourav and a few others, Sehwag's utility lies more in the strike rate (which, from his position as opener, translates into an explosive start to the chase) than his more than decent average; interestingly, his strike rate goes up 4 points when he is confronted with stiff targets.
An interesting statistical exercise would be to take all of India's recent big chases and break it all down -- who provides the propulsion, who plays the calm waiting hand, what do the top order and the middle contribute, what role does the tail play... in other words, the whole picture. Might tell us what we are doing right -- and what we are not.
Right, with that afterthought, am out of here.
PS: Another email points out that this blog has crossed half a million in unique visits and a million in page views and why aren't I happy?!
:-) Am, too. Not about the numbers per se -- actually, I used to check those occasionally in the early days, but it's been a long while since I last viewed the site meter figures -- but over the continued support.
An interesting aspect I noticed just now, when I checked the SiteMeter logs after getting that mail, is that the country share is heavily skewed in favor of the US audience. Why the imbalance? Could it be that because this blog mostly updates during the US day, it is largely irrelevant for an Indian audience that has already, in real time, read the stories that are linked to here? Or is there some other point I'm missing? Appreciate feedback on this.
Enjoy the weekend, all.


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