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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Welcome back, Arjuna

The former Lankan skipper is back, with his preview of the Test series. An interesting pointer to just what the recent spate of experiments has done is this:
A few youngsters too have a window of opportunity. We would watch the advent of M S Dhoni in the Tests with interest and along with Pathan he gives the Indian batting that extra depth. I wonder if the presence of the two can embolden the Indians to try out five bowlers.
I don't know whether the Indians would review the situation following the inclusion of Ganguly but they have experimented enough in recent weeks to suggest they can do the unthinkable.

It used to be that even the man on the street could tell you the team compositon a day ahead of the game; these days, even rivals are not sure just what the management will come up with. I doubt, though, if the weather in Chennai has been as bad as the papers make it out to be, the management is even going to think about the extra bowler -- two seam, two spin, and Sourav and Sehwag as supplementary spin and seam is IMHO the most likely choice.
Oh, that reminds me -- unlike with the ODIs, can't afford five straight days of lost sleep, so won't be doing those in-game postings during the game.


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