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Friday, December 16, 2005

Wheels within wheels

From Dinesh Nambisan, this mail that riffs off the previous post:
Based on your extensive experience covering cricket in India, do you think you've ever seen/monitored a situation where there were so many conflicting media reports coming out about a single, burning issue? I don't recall the match fixing situation even coming close to this is terms of conflicting reports in the media (the question then was primarily about the identities of the players involved and the extent of their involvement).
Here, we find a situation where all kinds of people (the esteemed selectors included) have been cited as sources while making definitive arguments about who said what or who was primarily responsible for what etc; and more importantly with a lot of those reports contradicting each other. The cynical part in me suspects that a lot of these stories were planted; I'm disgusted because I can no longer trust what I read at a lot of these news sites, and I've become disillusioned because I can no longer understand what is going on in Indian cricket.

Actually, no, I don't. Ever recall such total confusion, that is. It is not that we haven't had any burning issues before -- but typically, on such occasions, there would be a brief period of initial confusion, but then as you tapped into various sources and cross-checked the feedback you got, you pretty much arrived at the core truths.
This time, it is unmitigated chaos. You can, even without knowing how the synergy between media and administration works, sense that a lot of stories are being planted by various interest groups anxious to advance one agenda or the other. What you don't get though is a sense of where the truth lies -- and frankly, the disillusionment Dinesh speaks of is one I share. It has gotten to where you don't know who is telling the truth, any more -- and that is a very sorry state of affairs. The situation called for frankness and openness, we are getting anything but -- and therein lies the real tragedy.


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