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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yuvraj, in his own words

Again from Sportstar, this interview with Yuvraj Singh.
A couple of paras from the intro worth highlighting:
Coach Greg Chappell who has spent quality time with Yuvraj at the nets realises that the Punjab cricketer is someone with great potential.
Chappell says, Yuvraj, to his credit, has worked hard on his game. "We have tried out things in his technique, approach and thought process, but importantly, he understood what needed to be done. Without this, nothing would have been possible. His example is a classic one of someone willing to change," says Chappell.
Sports Scientist Ian Fraser, a key member of Chappell's support staff, shed light on the new-look Yuvraj. "He was trying out different stances at the beginning of the season. We bowled slower balls at him and got him to use his feet against the spinners. We quickly worked out the best starting position for him to allow himself to use the ground forces.
"Earlier, he was looking for backfoot play initially. Now, he is looking for the full ball, looking to go forward. If it is short, he is able to move back. His feet were wide in his stance before, and he was getting planted on his crease. Now his feet are closer. The ball comes straight at you, and the best way is to hit it straight past the bowler. Yuvraj is finding that out."


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