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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ah, now we know...

Let you guys into a secret? We reporters know there is precious little point in sidling up to a player or coach and asking him to whisper the team's secrets into our shell-like ears.
In fact, on occasion teams use the media to float disinformation campaigns designed to fool the opposition into thinking someone is playing, or some particular strategy is being planned. But tell us the real McCoy? Oh no -- never have, never will, for obvious reasons; yet, come the eve of a Test or a series and we trot up and ask those same questions all over again. Call in Pavlovian.
Debashish Dutta -- who seems to have been swept up in the mounting excitement, if you judge by his comment that 'The two neighbours bite the bullet in the first Test starting tomorrow" -- cracks the code for Mid-Day.
“I’ve told my batsmen that Shoaib will bowl a few good deliveries but you could always expect loose ones as well. So, just be cautious in facing the good deliveries, especially in the beginning of the innings,” Chappell told Mid Day last night.

Also from Chappell -- and wouldn't you give an arm and a leg to have been watching Virender Sewhag as he heard this? -- is this bit:
Asked how his batsmen have been preparing for the battle against speed, Chappell said, “We are watching his videos, which is a routine affair but for the Lahore Test, I will not support attack from the first ball. I do not want to lose a wicket in order to attempt a boundary. It is a five-day game. You have to be patient.”

As Rahul Dravid said a few days back, come a cricket series, you ask, we have to say something.


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