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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Akmal on Dhoni

Ashish Magotra looks at the two wicket-keepers who will figure in the upcoming Indo-Pak series. Akmal on Dhoni:
“Dhoni is very good. I took some time to get settled in international cricket but he has been an instant success. I think in the whole world when it comes to wicket-keeper batsmen, after Adam Gilchrist, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the next best,” Akmal told DNA from Lahore. “He delivers time and again when you need him to deliver. That is what marks him as a quality player. He performs under pressure. Not everyone can do that. But at the end of the day, my match is not against Dhoni. I know I am not as good as Dhoni, I am no competition for him.”

And Akmal on Akmal:
“The improvement is all down to God. During the tour of West Indies, the seniors backed me a lot. Bob Woolmer has been a big, big help. During the four months that we were in West Indies, I was really able to work on my batting and wicket-keeping too. This is the first time I have had a coach who I have been able to work with for such a long period. Otherwise, the coaches used to keep changing. He shows us the videos of our innings or of how I was behind the wickets. He almost immediately points out any mistakes I have made and then we work on them. This never used to happen before.”

PS: Will take advantage of another slow news day to finish work here, and head home early for a change. Take care, guys, see you tomorrow.


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