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Monday, January 23, 2006

Battle of Indians in Kenya

Kenya has jettisoned its old cricket body following allegations of mismanagement, and founded a new one. The head of the outgoing Kenya Cricket Association? Samir Ghai. The boss of the incoming one, Cricket Kenya? Samir Inamdar. We Indians are truly everywhere.
Inamdar said the change of the name was effected because the KCA had lost its glory in the public.
"For us to restore the lost glory of cricket in the country, my new office decided to change the name and start afresh," said Inamdar.
"Cricket Kenya has started afresh and we are not ready to think of the past and forward and improve the standards of the sport in the country," said Inamdar.
"Time of politics in cricket is gone and we are out for serious business of improving standards of cricket in the country," said Inamdar, adding his dream is to leave a legacy as the most successful cricket administrator.
Newly appointed coach Roger Harper said he has watched Kenya play competitive cricket and said the country has world class cricketers.

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