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Thursday, January 12, 2006

CMJ on the Prasar Bharti deal

Doesn't say much, the Christopher Martin-Jenkins story in the Times. Obviously, the Indian government's ukase that Prasar Bharti should be given, gratis, the feed for live games is a hot button issue on the ICC agenda, but nothing concrete has emerged from the ongoing conclave about the tenor of the discussions held thus far. Meanwhile, CMJ has this to say:
India is to cricket’s economy as the Gulf States are to the world’s, so this populist decision threatens to be as disruptive to the sport’s financial wellbeing as a reduction in oil supply from the world’s most capacious wells. Broadcasters, marketing companies and cricket administrators met to share information, clear the air and plan for the altered circumstances that will affect future television deals involving India.
Rights for the Test series between Pakistan and India, starting today, had been gained exclusively by Ten Sports, so Prasar Bharati is allowed to show only highlights each day. Other agreements already signed could be affected by the decree. Unlike Britain, India has only one terrestrial broadcaster, so the decision will affect countries such as New Zealand and Sri Lanka, who make more money from overseas rights than from domestic agreements when they play India at home. An ICC spokesman said: “No competition for rights means less income.”


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