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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Confusion worse confounded

Peter Roebuck is clearly unamused at happenings in Sydney during the ongoing Test.
Madness has been rife. Tempers have been frayed, umpires have been weak and indecisive, a cheap shot from an idiot in the stands has been turned into a cause célèbre, a statement about the nation no less, play has been absurdly delayed, a coach has been punished for telling the truth and the match referee has seemingly lost his grip.

Footnote: Mickey Arthur, who was hauled up before the match referee for suggesting that lousy umpiring had cost Proteas a wicket or three, has been let off without censure. Not suggesting that this was the wrong decision; it was in fact downright stupid to haul the coach up for comments that were surprisingly mild all things considered. But since 'dissent' is the ICC's preferred stick to beat up on everyone with, read this and smile. Or weep.
Arthur faced a hearing with match referee Chris Broad, who ruled there had been no breach of the ICC's code of conduct.
"Disappointment at an umpire's decision is allowed by both players and team officials and I am satisfied with the explanation provided by the coach," Broad said in a statement.

Cool. Can't wait for the official ICC lexicon, to find out the difference between 'disappointment' and 'dissent'; 'excessive appealing' and 'drama'; and all the other good stuff now emerging.


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