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Monday, January 09, 2006

Darren Holder speaks out

In Mumbai Mirror, Darren Holder, Maharashtra's imported-from-Aus coach, is cutting in his assessment of domestic cricket in India.
Ask him about the whole India experience, and he is a lot more forthcoming. “Where do you start? Cricketwise, if you compare it to Australia, it is totally sub-standard. The BCCI doesn’t seem concerned about the development of the game. It’s time they commit themselves to the cause in a better manner.
“Be it the pitches, the grounds, or the points system in the Ranji Trophy, there’s much that needs to improve,” Holder said.
“The pitches, I feel, are the single biggest reason why the Indians do not do well abroad. You cannot produce international players on these wickets. A case in point is the Chinnaswamy Stadium pitch, where we played Karnataka — it was a disgrace, a terrible pitch. I have talked about this with many current and past Indian players and they have agreed with me on the poor nature of pitches.”
The points system in Ranji system has also left Holder amused. “It has become a joke. More and more teams are playing for the first innings lead and that is not good for the game.”


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