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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Daylight robbery?

Can the Aussies pull it off? The game at the SCG is hotting up -- Aus, needing 287 to win, are cantering along at 116/1, with Hayden and Ponting into their 40s. Most significantly, the Aussie run rate is an astonishing 4.8 at the time of writing this, against the required rate of 3.32.
Be stunning if Aus can pull it off -- most teams, faced with the last day target and the prospect of rain, would have opted to down shutters. Meanwhile, spare a thought for Graeme Smith -- needing a win to square the series, he made a very sporting declaration, and could well end up criticized for it.
Elsewhere, a day after the ICC's development manager Dave Richardson in a signed column on Cricinfo defended the Elite Panel of umpires (Earlier post), various name columnists have blasted the officiating of Billy Bowden and Aleem Dar in Sydney.
"Its elite players are losing confidence in the competence of test match umpires," Coward, a respected writer, said.
"It is obvious Australian and South African players no longer trust the judgment of New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden and his Pakistani counterpart Aleem Dar.
"Even the most conscientious and self-disciplined players are finding it increasingly difficult to mask their frustration," he said.
Coward said the International Cricket Council (ICC) had to act swiftly on the problem.
"No sport can withstand a fundamental breakdown in the relationship between the combatants and their adjudicators.
"If there is no respect and rapport, there can be no faith and no trust."

Update: 151/1 in 30 overs Aus, a run rate just past the 5 an over mark. And just 136 to get with 9 wickets and 46 overs in hand. What can you say except, wow!


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