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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dish TV update

We just had a call from Dish, which appears to be in a huge fix. Per them, they are still awaiting word on the telecast rights (weird, since they have telecast rights to all events in Pakistan); so much so, they have even designed promotional advertising (which they need, to publicize the coverage and ensure maximum subscriptions), but cannot release them because they don't at this point in time (2 PM, here in New York) have a clue whether they will get to telecast the event or no.
Strikes me that whoever is in charge of overseas rights (this would, given they are the hosts, refer to the PCB) is guilty of myopia -- the US is a huge market, with people of Indian, Pakistani and even Bangladeshi origin all wanting to buy into this series. For this opportunity to slip completely off the radar in this fashion argues bad thinking and worse planning.
We will meanwhile keep an eye on the various players, and update with news, if and when.


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