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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In god we trust

From the Pak Tribune, this story of Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir offering prayers at a gurudwara in Pakistan.
They lauded the efforts of President Musharraf and Indian PM Manmohan Singh.
They said that both the leaders are striving to revive relations between both the countries.

By way of evening things out, several media outlets highlight this think piece on the peace process between the two nations having seemingly run aground, the immediate provocation for which seems to be the haste with which PM Manmohan Singh indicated he had a busy schedule and would prefer not to take time out to go watch cricket in Pakistan.
“How can I go to Pakistan... My schedule is fully packed for the next two months.... Several heads of state or government are visiting us and us president George Bush is also coming,” Dr Singh said.

Normally would have refrained from mixing cricket and politics, here -- but then, the mixing appears already to be a fait accompli, so this thought: Will PM Singh going to Pak have furthered the peace process anyways? Or would it have merely provided the platform for some strictly amateur theatrics, of the sort indulged in by President Musharraf when he invited himself to India for the Pakistan tour here last year? Or even those indulged in by the high and mighty of the Congress and even the BJP, when they went to Pak in 2004, sat in front row seats, beamed benevolently at the cameras, and spouted arrant nonsense about how all this was accelerating the peace process?
Peace, if there is to be one, would I thought depend on dedicated, sincere efforts by the governments and bureaucracies of the two nations working in tandem with the people and groups in Kashmir -- not by a head of state who has little or no interest in cricket sitting ringside in Lahore and making pretty faces for the cameras. Oh, and in passing, a few less killings all round would help.


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