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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Independent view on Akram

Angus Fraser in the Independent weighs in on Justice Qayyum's remark yesterday, in an interview to Cricinfo, that when summing up his investigations on the match-fixing scandal, he had been a touch soft on Wasim Akram.
Besides a who's what in the Akram affair, Fraser's piece also contains a quote from Akram's lawyer:
Wasim's solicitor, Naynesh Desai, responded to Qayyum's comments: "It beggars belief that he can say something like this six years after the event. He is not suggesting that Wasim lied to him, but that he had let him off because he liked him. It looks like the judge is peeved about something and he is having a pop at everyone. How can he help Saleem Malik on his appeal when he banned him from the game in the first place?"


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