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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Inzy in a a spin

For weeks now, all talk has been about fast pitches, greentops, pace batteries and such -- and now, with the hours ticking by, here we go, the exact opposite route. Says Inzy:
“I expect high quality of spin bowling as both the teams have bowlers like Anil Kumble, Danish Kaneria, Harbhajan Singh, Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik. The wicket has moisture underneath but with bright sunshine, I am hoping that the spinners would have a say as the Test progresses,” Woolmer said on match eve.
Inzamam echoed his coach’s opinion. “I am glad that the weather has eased out and there is bright sunshine. The wicket looks sporting and lively. It should assist the pacers earlier on but I foresee a big role for the spinners in the later stages of the game,” he said.

All said and done, I get the feeling it's going to be a win-toss-and-bat sort of track. Dew is a given considering the time of the year -- but that would be equally true if the series were being played here in India. With dew, comes a certain assist for the quicker bowlers early on -- but then again, in Tests, the done deal is to be a bit watchful in the first hour of play anyways.
If all that is being said about lack of prep time for the curator is true, the logical expectation is that the wicket might at best have good bounce initially, but will start getting lower as the game moves into days three, four and five -- which is when you want your slower bowlers having a say.
Be interesting to see which side takes first strike -- and with it, IMHO, an early advantage in the Test.


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