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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Justice Qayyum's soft corner

Remember Justice Malik Mohammad Qayyum, the Pakistan high court judge who headed tthat country's probe into match-fixing? Story on him here.
Justice Qayyum told Cricinfo that he hadn't wanted a "great player" like Wasim to be banned, especially towards the end of his career. "For Wasim I had some soft corner for him. He was a very great player, a very great bowler and I was his fan, and therefore that thing did weigh with me. Two things - one, I didn't want that the cricket should be deprived of his participation, and the other was that I didn't want that towards the end of his career... he should be banned or something like that. My idea was not to find people guilty and then punish them. It was more of a case where I had to do something to put an end to the practice in future. What had happened had happened. You couldn't turn the clock back but you had to make sure they wouldn't repeat what they were doing."
When asked whether any other player had been let off lightly, he replied, "The quantum of punishment is more of one's subjective decision, and I was lenient towards one or two of them."


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