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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The KISS formula?

Sarfaraz Nawaz adds his bit to the build up with comments on a wide range of issues. The talk I am particularly looking forward to seeing walked is this:
Commenting on India's batting, Sarfraz said Pakistan still had the edge over them. "It's easy to get them out. The bowler needs to go wide of the crease and angle the ball in," he said. "When (Virender) Sehwag tries to drive the ball, more often than not, there is a gap between bat and pad. Pakistan needs to exploit this gap. A similar line will work for Sachin (Tendulkar) as well."

That wouldn't be the ball angling into the pads, now would it? The one batsmen tend to roll their wrists over and play anywhere from mid on to square leg?


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