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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lots in a kiss

Make a rule, and sure enough someone will want to try and break it. Come to think of it, some rules just ask to be broken -- vide the one unveiled in New Zealand, which banned same sex kissing after two women snogged while watching the Black Caps take on the Sri Lankans last Sunday.
So now, thanks to the hoopla, something that would have passed as a fun moment has become a cause celebre -- and prompted attempts to challenge the ban.
The Beige Brigade, which calls itself a group dedicated to keeping cricket fun, says it will run a "Pash for Cash" competition during the upcoming West Indies tour.
It is a revolt against "fun police" who stopped two female fans kissing at the one-day international against Sri Lanka at Napier's Mclean Park last weekend, the group says.


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