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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More on Ganguly

From Amit Patel, this link to a Pradeep Magazine piece on Sourav Ganguly in his home environment. That bit about SG showing the writer his wife Dona's house is very like Ganguly; when we visited him at home, almost the first thing he did was take us out onto this very small balcony adjacent to an inner living room, and point across an in-between wall to a window of the house on the other side, and talk (very much the wide eyed romantic) of how he would stand on that balcony and look across for a glimpse of his lady love, now seperated by parently enimity.
PS: Still hell bent on enjoying the little time that remains before the series kicks off; so, off to see a play on Broadway. You guys have a great evening, see you in here tomorrow.


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