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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Move over, More

Imran Khan has some advice for Rahul Dravid.
Former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan feels that India should not get emotional about Sourav Ganguly. "The problem with the Ganguly issue is that we don't know whether it's just a temporary loss of form or he's a finished as a cricketer. As a sportsperson, this is one of the toughest decisions to make."
Waiting in the VIP lounge of the IGI airport for his flight to take off, Imran told ToI: "If I were in Dravid's shoes, I would simply pick the best eleven on form and not on what players have done in the past."

Oh, and a prognoscis:
Imran isn't happy with the scheduling of the series. "Things could have been planned keeping the weather conditions in mind. Karachi should have hosted the first Test. The weather there is good at this time of the year unlike Lahore, which might be hit by bad weather. In fact, the first Test is likely to be a draw — that's unfortunate for a three-match series."


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