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Monday, January 09, 2006

Mumbai versus Maharashtra

A DNA story looks at Sairaj Bahutule, who quit Mumbai to join the Maharashtra team.
When DNA had first spoken to Bahutule at the start of the season, the leg-spinner had outlined a list of things that he wished to achieve during his stint with Maharashtra. “Everybody underestimates this Maharashtra team. It is a big challenge for me to motivate them. After playing Ranji Trophy for so many years it is important to try and share my experience. And maybe help them learn from it,” Bahutule had said.
What does Bahutule, having played for both teams now, feel is the main difference? “A big difference between the two teams is the way in which they approach the game. For Mumbai, the game is all about intensity. They all relate to Mumbai’s cause and feel great pride playing for the team. That is the kind of feeling that I am trying to inculcate here,” said Bahutule.

Elsewhere in the paper, Mumbai skipper Nilesh Kulkarni says Bahutule will not be sledged when he goes up against Mumbai in the upcoming Ranji tie.
Skipper Nilesh Kulkarni, who has been a spin bowling partner too, did not see reasons for any bitterness. “There will be no verbal war,” said Kulkarni, “You have got to respect somebody who has served Mumbai cricket for more than a decade.” Maharashtra coach Darren Holder has seen his team improve constantly. “They are improving and relegation is not on our minds,” said Holder.


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