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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No greentop

So how many stories referencing how many legends did we read, about Pakistan's greentops waiting for the Indian team, these last few days? The rubber about to hit the road, and suddenly, it's all a media concoction.
All talk about Pakistan sprouting a crop of green tops to greet the boys from across the border has dissipated like hot air over the ocean. The pale strip of 22 yards in the centre of the imposing Gaddafi Stadium, if that is the one the first Test will be played on, though not bereft of grass, looks nothing like what the local stalwarts and cheer leaders of the home side have been brandishing as a potential weapon.

And this:
“I have never said I was preparing a green top. It is you guys (media) who have been been harping on this for quite some time,” he told a few reporters at the stadium here this evening, ignoring the fact that it has been elements from the Pakistani camp who have been orchestrating this green top campaign.
Mr Zahid said the state of the pitch, which is commensurate with the conditions obtaining in these surroundings, would have bounce but the medium pacers would have to bend their backs in order to be successful while the spinners could expect some assistance on the fourth and fifth days.

Feeling right at home, boys?


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