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Monday, January 02, 2006

No news good news?

I just did an exhaustive round of Pakistan papers: The Pak Tribune; Pakistan Times; Pakistan Observer; The Nation; the Frontier Post; Dawn; Daily Times; Daily Mail; and Associated Press of Pak.
Here's the news -- there's none. Outside of stories from late last week -- Wasim Akram says India should be put on the carpet; Waqaar Younis thinks India took a step back in picking Sourav Ganguly; Inzy thinks India are favorites -- there is nothing there. No stories out of the training camp, no interviews with any of the players; no punditry; no nothing.
Is it indicative of a lack of real interest? Or of lack of real money in Pak cricket (you need to be in a newsroom to understand just how the need to keep sponsors happy with frequently uploaded sites forces you to come up with stories by the hour, even when there are none)?
Anyone from Pakistan with any insight into this?
PS: Have some work outside, plus a holiday to enjoy; so, for today, over and out from me.


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