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Monday, January 09, 2006

An old, familiar song

Ehtesham Hasan has this to say about Raj Singh Dungarpur:
The 71-year-old former BCCI president is not venturing anywhere close to the large media circus that has pitched its tent here.
The otherwise media-savvy Dungarpur now prefers to stay away from the fourth estate. But, for the team, he still continues to be a dilemma. A little birdie tells us that Dungarpur keeps talking how beautiful the game used to be in the days when people such as Douglas Jardine and Colonel C K Nayudy played the sport. He speaks at length about the great leadership skills of Tiger Pataudi.
“For some strange reason, his needle stops at 1984. He doesn’t seem to recollect anything after that,” a source close to the team said.

Couldn't resist an internal grin on reading that -- a grin that stems from several evenings spent, several whiskies consumed, to the accompaniment of typical RSD lectures on precisely that subject.
The problem does not end here. The managerial duties require a lot of care and attention and, being a septuagenarian, he habitually keeps forgetting things.
“He suffers from bouts of amnesia. He’ll tell us something and then he forgets about it. The other day he kept a bag and couldn’t recall where it was,” the source said.
One wonders the logic behind Dungarpur’s appointment when there are more competent people in the board.

Ahem -- not sure why Hasan is surprised; it's called jobs for the boys. RSD was one of the pillars of Sharad Pawar's presidential bid; a managerial assignment is the safest place to park him. On second thoughts -- make that relatively safe.


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