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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pak pacers ready...

...says this story by Amit Varma, here writing for The Guardian. A key bit:
But how much will there be of that?. The first Test begins in Lahore tomorrow but, if the start is delayed because of fog, do not blame it on Friday the 13th. Lahore is experiencing its coldest winter in 39 years and each day's cricket is likely to start late and end early. Between 15 and 20 overs may be lost every day, which amounts to 75 to 100 overs in the Test. A lot of gripping drama may be cut short because of that and a 1-0 series is likelier than all three games ending in a result, as happened the last time India visited.
The pitch for the Test is not a greentop, as many speculated it would be, but the conditions are expected to help the swing bowlers.


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