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Thursday, January 12, 2006

PM will go, says Pawar

Do you have moments when you wish politicos either wouldn't be naive themselves, or at the least expect that we readers are naive?
The PM has said he cannot go for the cricket -- but BCCI boss and Federal Cabinet Minister Sharad Pawar tells reporters that a visit cannot be ruled out. It's an unnecessary remark for Pawar to make in the first place -- given the PM himself has commented on the invite, there really is no need for a Cabinet colleague to take a different tack, or even to talk of it. If asked, all he has to do is say that the PM is the best person to speak of his own schedule.
More to the point, there is this:
According to The News, the BCCI chief said Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had visited India last year during cricket series, so Manmohan Singh's visit would not only benefit the cricket but also improve other bilateral matters.

How? I mean, how does the chance of lasting peace between the two nations become improved by having Singh sit ringside watching a game he is not even all that interested in?
Oh, you mean that outside of the cricket, the two leaders can discuss and resolve other issues? That is where the naivete comes in -- if the leaders have issues of importance to resolve, and solutions to propose, discuss and possibly accept, do they need a cricket series as excuse to do it? Isn't peace in and of itself important enough for the two to meet? Geez.


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