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Monday, January 23, 2006

Prospects for day 4

Realistically speaking, with 180 overs left in the match and only one and a half innings over, this should be easy -- a draw clearly looms. But if you stretch the mind a bit, you can imagine one winning possibility for either side.
First, Pakistan: To win, it has to blast out the remaining Indian batsmen for, say, 47-odd runs tops in, let's say, 10, 12 overs. It then has to go out there and blast away, adding about 300 runs off say 70 overs tops, to build a lead close to 400. It can then look to try and bowl India out on a 5th day wicket with something in it for spinners.
Next India: A winning chance would have to revolve around Dhoni and Pathan, aided and abetted by the other tailenders, clearing the deficit and if possible, adding say 100 runs at least by way of lead. It can then throw everything it has into flat out attack with the ball, knowing two things: one, that Pakistan is two batsmen short with both Inzamam and Malik out of action; and two, that even if it backfires and Pakistan make runs, there is not sufficient overs for Pakistan to erase the 100-run lead, build a sizeable lead of its own, and still have overs in hand to bowl India's in-form batting lineup out.
Talking of a result here sounds ridiculous -- but it just could happen; then again, as the detective chappie said, there is a vast gulf between the probable and the possible.


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