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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

R Mohan appeals to the Aussies

The columnist's latest, in the Asian Age, is a look at the ongoing dispute about excessive appealing by the Aussies.
Such has been the action of match referees in the game’s most recent history that the only conclusion one can draw is when Aussies claim, they are only seeking justice but when Asians prefer appeals, they are screaming and bringing the game into disrepute. A clearer case of double standards is hard to find than in those pages of Wisden that chronicle the disciplinary action taken every year under the exotic title of ‘Crime and Punishment’.
The funniest excuse trotted out for all the fervent appealing down under is that on wearing pitches tending to become spin-friendly, the need arises for constant appealing for possible bat-pad catches or for batsmen not offering a stroke. And all these years, Asians have been pulled up for appealing too much in precisely the same kind of conditions that may exist throughout a match.


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