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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rahul with Shekhar Gupta

The interview deserves to be read in totality (Thanks, Jwalant and others who sent me the link). I picked out this one bit to quote, merely because it addresses the dichotomy between the sort of leader he is, and the sort of batsman he has been.
Rahul, let’s talk about captaincy. It is often believed that a player’s own attitude to the game reflects in his captaincy. How do you define your own approach? I know your answer will be that you have had the job for too short a time.
That will be my answer, thank you! But I don’t think that the way you bat is necessarily the way you will captain. I think that’s a cliche. People say, oh, he’s an attacking player, so he’ll captain attackingly. Or, he’s a defensive player, so he’ll captain defensively. I think they are two different things. You bat according to your skill level, according to the way you know how to bat, the way you have grown up batting; and you captain according to the way you think about the game, according to the resources you have. I don’t think the two are related at all.


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