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Friday, January 06, 2006

Roebuck on Sourav

The columnist's latest is a look -- amending that to yet another look -- at the selection of Sourav Ganguly for the Pak tour.
Now India must visit Pakistan and welcome England with an unsettled side. These are crucial, formative challenges to be met by a side with a single thought and a united spirit. Instead India has allowed confusion into its ranks. The rights of the individual have been put before the interests of the team.
Ganguly's role in Pakistan must be defined. Presumably Yuvrav will be dropped and he will take his place, a decision likely to affect the morale of the side. Yuvraj scored runs in his last match and deserves a chance to establish himself. Alternatively Ganguly could be left twiddling his thumbs which seems worse than omitting him altogether. If a reserve is needed it is better to give an emerging batsman the chance to sample the atmosphere of Test cricket.
Supposing Gangles scores a few runs, what then? In a year's time the whole process will begin again. Indian cricket has made a rod for its own back.

The points being made apart, I am wondering if there is scope for a PIL. In the interests of the public, media to be banned from 'debating the Ganguly question' more than once every 72 hours. What say?


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