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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sachin, please don't try this

Did you guys catch this story, by Mike Selvey in the Guardian today? Here's the bit I found funny:
A study of athletes at the University of Nevada apparently has shown that nine minutes spent yelling positive statements - "I'm going to dominate today" or "I'm the definition of speed" - at a level to drown out a 747 on take-off can improve athletic performance more effectively than 20 minutes of the contemplative yoga moves that are popular as warm-up routines. So a good yell and it's up periscope. It will be in the submariner's handbook before long.

God help us all if Sachin Tendulkar gets hold of this study -- can you imagine him yelling 'I am going to hit my 37th or is it 38th century today' for ten minutes straight, in that absurdly childish treble of his, while you are trying to sleep next door?
On another note, seems like there is nothing you can not research these days. Come up with something truly goofy, and they seem to line up with open wallets, ready to fund you. Anyone in the mood, try this: research which side of the bed cricketers get out of on the morning of a game, and check out the co-relation between that, and performance.
If you decide to explore that topic, a friendly warning -- get the hell out of the hotel before the guys have all woken up and the foundations shake with yells of 'I will get Inzy's edge with a doosra'... 'I'll hit my uppercuts above not into the slips'... 'I will not back off when someone bounces me'... and such.


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