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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Seen and not heard

Indian players are apparently in a bit of a fix; some of them are contracted to talk to various TV channels, but the BCCI has banned anyone from speaking exclusively to any one section of the media.
The players have written to the board Chief Pawar, who was attending a meeting of the international cricket council at Karachi on Thursday and is slated to reach here by Friday evening, to deal sympathetically on the issue and allow them to fulfil their contractual obligations, a team source said here on Thursday.
Asked how many players have sent such a request he said, "about six". So far they have been watching as mere spectators rival team players like Pakistan captain Inzamam ul-Haq talking exclusively to television channels, including local ones.

Never been clear to me why the BCCI feels the need to interfere in these things. I mean, if a player wants to 'leak' something or get his point of view across, it is simple enough -- he whispers in a journo's ear, the journo writes up the story, the media both print and electronic across the country pick it up, and there you go, cat out of bag.
So it is not like blocking players from talking on air is going to accomplish anything real; it is merely one more of those irritating rules some guy dreamt up that makes no sense to anyone at the receiving end. I've seen some of these 'exclusive' player comments to various sections of the electronic media -- and if at all you want to ban them, it could only be because the comments themselves are banal. Maybe it is time the board learnt to take the 'cricket' in its title more seriously than the 'control'?


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