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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Show me the game

A blog post yesterday spoke of the problems cricket fans in Chennai are facing. Obviously, the people of the southern city are so incensed, they are among other things sending off letters to the editor -- even of papers as far away as Kolkatta. From the Telegraph's letters page, this lament:
Once again, Doordarshan, the Board of Control for Cricket in India and All India Radio have together ensured that the average Indian — whose support is what makes cricket not only the biggest game in the country but also BCCI the richest sporting board in the world — would not get to watch the Indian team play in Pakistan. This is, indeed, a shame. As the country that provides the maximum support for this game (by virtue of being the most populated cricketing nation in the world), I would have expected the BCCI and others to place a strong case before the Supreme Court, and the government of India to take a strong stand, that Doordarshan should be permitted to telecast the tests and one-day matches. Ten Sports is a satellite channel and does not have the reach that Doordarshan has. With or without advertising rights, Doordarshan should be allowed to telecast the matches so that the majority of Indians can watch live a contest they have been waiting for. If Ten Sports does not want to give any terrestrial feed to Doordarshan, then the government should ask the former to turn itself a non-pay channel for the duration of this tournament. I wonder what ‘activists’ like Brinda Karat are doing. Perhaps cricket interests her less than Ayurvedic medicines.
Yours faithfully, R.B. Easwaran, Chennai


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