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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stiff upper lips...

It's early days -- you can expect the British media to kick into high gear a couple of weeks further down the line, as build up to the England tour of India gets moving. Still, there's this -- Scyld Berry, on the topic of topics, Sourav Ganguly. Full of good stuff, like this bit for instance:
He was brought up in an extended, high-caste Kolkata household which at the last count had more than 50 family members and 15 cars: any son will be pampered in such surroundings, let alone one who becomes the first Bengali to be seriously good at cricket.
Young Sourav was also born with a supercilious expression that has infuriated opponents ever since. If you want to imagine the effect of Douglas Jardine on Australians during the Bodyline tour, just look at Ganguly and his hauteur.

What strikes you is how little qualitative analysis there has been of Ganguly's game, pro or con, and how much of the 'coverage' references intangibles that, like beauty, seem to lie in the eye of the beholder. Sourav might want to give Berry, and his mates, a tour of the Ganguly mansion, if only so the writers can get a few facts right and stop making the player sound like he was the scion of the Mughals or some such.


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