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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Telecast issues

Tons of mail from you guys, all asking what the scene is with the telecast/webcast here in the US. So, this update:
1. Since the series is being held in Pakistan, the BCCI has no direct knowledge of what the situation is with regard to overseas rights. A contact mailed me saying the BCCI believes the rights are with DishTV, but they have no official confirmation.
2. DishTV (which happens to be one of our advertisers) when contacted yesterday seemed as clueless as everyone else, which is strange. They say yes, they have rights to all Pakistan cricket, but they cannot confirm 'at this time' if they are going to be broadcasting the games. Stand by for updates, is what I was told.
3. Contacted Willow -- and got, from them, a similar message. They are 'trying for the rights', they hope to know ahead of the first Test, watch this space (www.willow.tv) they say.
4. I have heard of private initiatives that intend to stream the games, but these are by invitation only and I am not sure who is doing this.
5. The only websites that talk openly of webcasting the series are www.cricketlive.tv and www.cricketon.tv
I have no personal knowledge of either site, but I'd think if by tomorrow late afternoon Willow is not updated with a definite yes, then I'll go with one of these two, more likely the latter option.
Any further information I get, will post here asap.


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