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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tension good, per Chappell

The national coach suggests that some tension is good for the team, and adds that he's glad the series is finally getting under way.
On a related note, and purely coincidentally, I was this weekend spending some time fast-forwarding my way through DVDs of the Indo-Pak tour of 2004, especially the one dayers? Remember game 1? Inzamam won the toss, inserted, and the Pak bowlers got off to a horrendous start with fours, sixes, no balls and wides propelling India to a run rate of just under 10 in the first 15 overs?
At the time, the commentators -- if I remember right, it was Ian Healy in tandem with Rameez Raja -- made a point that the start of a key series is always marked by tension. And that is one good reason to bat first -- when you bowl, the comment went, all 11 of the players are out in the field, all bearing the tension. Whereas when you bat, while your openers are out there doing their thing you get to sit in the dressing room, absorbing some of that tension, assimilating it, and moving beyond it to the job on hand.
Donno why I tossed that bit in here come to think of it. :-)


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