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Monday, January 09, 2006

The 'weather' factor

A touch late, this post, but Osman Samiuddin's piece on the weather in Pakistan is worth keeping front and center as we count down to the series.
It is a casual recourse to history but already from it, two commonalities can be extracted and are particularly pertinent to the scheduling of this India series. The first is the time of year; mid-December to early February are by the consent of most meteorologists, a problematic period for cricket in parts of Pakistan. Fog becomes a Lahori curse from five in the morning till approximately 11am when it is often heavy, and although it lifts, it is only to descend again with renewed vigour in late afternoon and early evenings. Precluded of early starts and extended finishes, play thus stands a good chance of curtailment.
This winter has been particularly severe, despite some Met department officials' bewildering claims that it isn't abnormal. Northern areas have been particularly badly hit; even Karachi in the south has seen record low temperatures (as low as five degrees) and parts of Punjab, including Lahore, have seen the mercury drop below zero for the first time since 1967. Although, clear skies and sunshine have come recently, more fog - and rain - is not being ruled out this month.


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