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Friday, January 06, 2006

Why now?

Raj Singh Dungarpur has just gone and done it -- outed one of the worst-kept secrets of Indian cricket. Contemporary legend had transformed the crisis in the Indian dressing room into a personality clash between Chappell and Ganguly -- the fact that comments and opinions similar to Chappell's were earlier expressed, albeit sotto voce, by Chappell's predecessor was never publicly aired.
For obvious reasons -- to suggest that John Wright had problems with Sourav Ganguly and sought, on more than one occasion, his removal as captain would undercut the storyline of coach Chappell pursuing a personal vendetta.
So now Dungarpur decides to tell tales.
Barely a day after setting foot in Pakistan, the Indian cricket team was mired in a controversy with team manager Rajsingh Dungarpur claiming that ex-coach John Wright was frustated with the ways of Sourav Ganguly but could not get the Kolkatan removed as skipper.
Dungarpur said that Wright "expressed his frustrations several times" to him about Ganguly but he was too "mild" to succeed in getting Ganguly out.
"Wright was a little mild. He always had huge problems with Sourav," Dungarpur told television reporters here.

That's what I meant by worst-kept secret; even those journos who have crafted the current crisis into a 'vindictive Aussie versus inspirational Indian' storyboard are aware that Wright on more than one occasion attempted to convince the selectors to see things his way, and failed; again on more than one occasion, he went armed with dossiers to Kolkatta, to see if he could make Jagmohan Dalmiya see things his way, and failed again.
What I don't understand is -- why now? Why, unfortunately, at a time when the controversy was dying a natural, and well-deserved, death, and the focus was shifting back to the cricket? Why at the start of a crucial tour?
Then again, RSD is many things -- but a master of timing he never has been.


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