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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Windfall for Ten Sports

If you've been wondering why private broadcasters are all het up over the GoI directive mandating that they provide Doordarshan their cricket feed for free, here's the answer -- there is money, potfuls of it, to be gained and lost.
It's time to bring out the calculators for the SET Discovery channel distribution bouquet. Ten Sports, the sports channel in its second bouquet, will not have to share content with pubcaster Doordarshan for live telecast of the three India-Pakistan Test matches.
One benefit of this: SET Discovery is now looking to increase the subscription revenues it expects from the Indo-Pak Test series by anywhere between Rs 150 million and Rs 200 million, according to senior executives in the sports broadcasting business.
The growth will come from smaller cable operators and Ten Sports will also be able to increase its penetration across the country. Besides, One Alliance (the brand name under which SET Discovery operates) will be able to streamline outstandings and improve its collections from the ground.


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