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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rahul Mehra update

Been chatting at length with Rahul Mehra just now; the situation is that his updated PIL will be before the courts by October 26.
Am passing on to him links to the various comments you guys have made (oh, by the way, he was profuse in expressing his thanks to those of you who mailed, offering him your support -- my thanks too, guys; battling the BCCI is a lonely business), besides any information in my possession.
Will keep you updated on progress, as and when. I think till date, the single biggest achievement is that Rahul torpedoed the BCCI's contention that it is a private society, and hence not in the public domain. The Supreme Court ruled with Rahul on this one, contending that the BCCI fulfills a public function and thus is very much a part of the public domain -- in other words, the public has a right to know, and the corresponding right to question.
Tell you what -- after talking to, or rather listening to, Rahul for a good 45 minutes, I tend to think all this heartburn over the SG-GC standoff is small potatoes. All of this, and much else, are mere symptoms of the disease; the actual disease is the board's unprofessionalism, and if you can cure that, then the rest will all fall into place.
More power to the guy -- amazing the amount of time and trouble he spends on this, often at the expense of his real work.
PS: Have to get back to work, today is one of those days when editing stuff keeps me up till 2 am or later, so see you all tomorrow.


  • Hello everybody. I have been following this blog for some time and I feel it has potential to bring about some improvement in Indian cricket.
    Irrespective of whether folks here are anti/pro GC or anti/pro SG or neutral, there is no doubting that each one here has the good of Indian cricket in their heart. IMHO the sorry state of cricket is a reflection of the state our country (sadly) finds itself in. In both cases it’s a few individuals (politicians/BCCI administrators) with power leading the country/cricket in a direction totally opposite to the wishes of the majority. The vast majority can’t do anything simply because they gave/let the power to be in the wrong hands.
    Having seen Indian politics and BCCI functioning, I don’t see a change in hearts of the people with power. Unfortunately, it appears that the only way things will change is if people with the right intentions (general public like us) somehow get a say in the decision making process. Since the selection of the decision making body in both cases is through the most commonly used “democratic” process, I don’t see the process changing a whole lot. Many people have expressed the opinion in various forums that the only way to change the ‘system’ is through the system itself. In other words, take part in the ‘democratic’ elections, somehow manage to win against all odds (its gonna be mighty difficult if you have the interest of the masses in mind) and then gradually bring about change. There is the other way- more confrontational, aggressive, revolutionary…kinda an uprising, but I don’t see that taking place.
    This brings me to the reason why I said this blog has great potential. This forum is an opportunity to bring together the people who really care for cricket. I see people in here with intellect, strong network/connections, education, decent financial background, and most importantly media connections/access. Not to mention the fact that all these people are ‘together’ in one place through internet. These favorable factors can be used to good effect. I believe that someone here- possibly PP (I know a few here don’t exactly align with his views, but I doubt if anyone doubts his intentions) with his media power- should be able to bring all the folks here together to form a ‘group’ or whatever you may call it that can actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I mean the 30-40 odd people in here, if we put our heads together, we should be able to come up with some ideas suggestions that call help cricket. We all have some contacts, some resources; maybe if we put it all together we can get somewhere. For ex: I wont count on it but ….hopefully I can get this distant relative of mine to get me in touch with this BCCI biggie, who happens to be his friend. I think Rahul Mehra’s PIL gives the perfect opportunity to rally behind someone and do our bit towards this cause. Please give suggestions/comments, if any of these thoughts make any sense at all.

    By Blogger ritsjain, at 22:28  

  • Hey Prem,

    Have been meaning to email Rahul all along, but somehow missed. This post was a wake up call. Just sent him an email... Keep us posted!

    By Blogger anantha, at 22:30  

  • Thanks for the update, Prem. Mr. Mehra has shown us the way and I am more than happy to follow. Any help we can give is purely for the love of the game!

    By Blogger saum, at 22:50  

  • I do not have anything new to add but here is another way to look at the situation. Humans more-or-less are always going to act in self-interest. BCCI's system needs to be redesigned in such a way that administrators self-interests are fulfilled by looking after Cricket's interests. That is the reason full time professionals are needed to run BCCI. Bringing in former players to run it is not necessarily going to do any good as long as their own interests are not aligned with Cricket's welfare. I am sure former players also know enough politics to cause damage.

    In the same vein, I should add that doing away with zonal system of selectos may not do good in the end. Afterall, what is stopping from selectors to take bribes to bring players in? If their own future is dependent on Jaggu Dalmiya, why will they overlook his instructions? These guys need to be well-paid and open to scrutiny. This means that media should be able to ask questions about selections. It might also help to have general guidelines so that selectors do not come up with fancy new excuses everytime they select/drop someone on whim. No matter what, system would always be corruptible but with these changes, chances of bad outcomes will decline.

    Of course, it would be truly great if all the administrators could be professionals.

    By Blogger blueship56, at 22:55  

  • I bow before Rahul
    There are too many who lose sleep, Grades, Money ETC abt the state of indian cricket but they are very few who will do what ever it takes to better it
    Thanks Man and Good luck Rahul in all your efforts

    By Blogger shravan, at 22:59  

  • how come there aren't any female cricket fans here? I see so maqny in the stands. Are they not so passionate? Nice to hear some views from the other side....

    By Blogger InnocentBystander, at 23:05  

  • BCCI should become more professional, agreed. But, how to make it more professional? The points Rahul has in his PIL are all good, given some realistic and sensible people exist in the BCCI. I don't think appointing former cricketers for the committees, appointing MBAs as COOs or CEOs will help. Have we not seen the classic drama of Bihar Government by Lalu & Rabri?. If you have the power, you can always install a puppet (in this case, an IIM Grad) in any position, and still do whatever you want. Are the IAS officers and IPS officers in Bihar, not competent and knowledgeable, sesible?. Money buys everything and any one.

    The only way, is to force BCCI to be more transparent & accountable. To make them more transparent & accountable is not easy as well. There should be a proper opposition (I think there will be, if Pawar wins this time) and regular meetings (whose details are available in public, not like the Drama played out 2 days back) where the BCCI bosses have to respond to the opposition questions.

    By Blogger devatha, at 23:29  

  • .
    If this REVIEW COMMITTEE meeting was about SL & ZIM tours, why DIDN'T they ask Rahul Dravid to be present???

    After all, he was the captain for SL triangular series.

    sorry, I'm too late here :)

    By Blogger Cric_Crack, at 23:46  

  • http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/srilanka/content/story/220278.html

    SL team probables announced - and when is the Indian probables be announced ? After the tour starts ?
    Marvan Atapattu,
    Sanath Jayasuriya,
    Upul Tharanga,
    Mahela Jayawardene,
    Kumar Sangakkara,
    Tillakaratne Dilshan,
    Thilan Samaraweera,
    Russel Arnold,
    Avishka Gunawardena,
    Muttiah Muralitharan,
    Rangana Herath,
    Dilhara Fernando,
    Malinga Bandara,
    Upul Chandana,
    Chaminda Vaas,
    Lasith Malinga,
    Sajeewa Weerakoon,
    Farveez Maharoof,
    Nuwan Zoysa,
    Dilhara Lokuhettige.

    By Blogger Alex Pandian, at 00:29  

  • Is there mention of a permanent office building in the PIL? The BCCI must conduct all it's business from a HQ. All meetings - selection committee and otherwise must be conducted there.

    By Blogger mamu, at 01:09  

  • Thanks Mr.Mehra...Most of us are just cribbing and whining while you are actually trying to DO something. Good Luck. We hope that you succeed...

    By Blogger greg2rescue, at 02:32  

  • Ganguly is difficult - Freddie


    By Blogger Ananth, at 02:56  

  • And Sunny is defending the prince


    By Blogger Ananth, at 07:00  

  • Prem,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on Rahul Mehra.

    Is there a fund that we can contribute to help his cause to streamline Indian Cricket?


    By Blogger Neel Lakshminarayan, at 07:35  

  • Rahul I am grateful for what your doing to articulate our anger towards BCCI.One point I would like to add about our NCA.We need to have full time dedicated coaches there.When I see what ECB Academy has done ,my heart bleeds.Here we started before them and havent achieved half of what they have done.Please mention about it!!!

    By Blogger bulchee, at 08:29  

  • Can Prem or anyone retype Rahul Mehra's email address here?

    By Blogger bd2x, at 09:51  

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