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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, Virender Sehwag went on record to slam the DDCA and suggest that all was not well with the way the selectors picked the Ranji squads. Now, coach Madan Lal comes up with similar statements:
Does that mean there’s not just cricketing reasons behind this poor performance?
Frankly, we started this season on the wrong note. There were a lot of squabbles right from the start and I wouldn’t agree with the manner in which the probables were picked. You pick a squad from just 20-30 probables, not 50. I am shocked to see the way affairs in DDCA are run. You don’t need many people to run this, just a few honest people who will think only about cricket. You must identify exact role of people who will run the game. Otherwise, everyone will interfere and that’s not good.
Is it true that you wanted to quit last season itself?
Yes, I didn’t want this job this season because things were not falling in place, again due to a combination of factors I have already said. But I took the job again only because I told myself that quitting wouldn’t solve things. My nature is to keep fighting, I am still trying to make the best atmosphere for the team, trying to create bench-strength but I must admit that things haven’t changed much. I am very disappointed with the team, they have let me down; trust me sitting in the dressing room and watching the team go down like that almost gave me eart-attack.
The oddest bit is that Arun Jaitley, who heads up the DDCA, has thus far not had a thing to say about these affairs, or even the infighting within the DDCA that saw deliberate acts of sabotage at the Firozeshah Kotla when India were playing Sri Lanka. Much to say about Sourav Ganguly, but nothing about the stuff happening on his own home pitch.


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