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Sight Screen

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Moving the Sightscreen

Sachin Tendulkar wants bigger, broader sightscreens. Me, I have to shift mine -- to this address. Few points:
1. During the Test, I will, hopefully, be doing an hourly take on the action thus far, on the blog; also, quick takes when a wicket falls or something of real import happens. End of play, I switch to doing a match report for Rediff.com
2. I'll be adding on the contributors you are used to, plus others, in the coming days.
3. Comments are being left open, and will be moderated by Rediff's tech crew. They will keep it clean, any action they chose to take at any time is their call. I'll try and catch up on what you guys have to say -- but since I have to watch the match, do posts, make notes for the report etc, I won't be in the comments field answering queries.
4. You will see only the most recent posts on the page. To read all posts of a particular day (do note, I only really started updating it this afternoon), please click on the respective date, in the archive-style calendar top left of your screen.
5. You can read the posts by clicking on the 'More' link; easier though is to just click the 'Blogs' tab on the top navigation panel, where you get the full versions.
6. This blog platform is a work in progress -- we hope, in course of this series, to add various bells and whistles, and get it as close to state of the art as possible.
Thanks, you guys, for keeping this one going -- see you in the new home.


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