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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Confusion and my self

On Prem's post regarding my introduction, someone commented that its a good idea because sometimes there was a mix-up (I assume due to my comments?).

Imagine the scenario of me creating the posts, and then bombarding them with my comments (as I sometimes do, alone too, to a few of Prem's posts).Talk of confusion!

In fact, coming to think of it, I am now feeling that Prem has allowed me to post just so that I stop those barrage of comments :-) Ain't gonna happen though.

Ok, more seriously....besides being Worma in the troll world, I'm Manish Varma in real life (yeah the Worma is due to 'that') and have my own blog on cricket. You don't necessarily need to click on that, though.

I hope to contribute here on Sight Screen regularly through my opinions, news, links etc. And hope to get similar feedback from your guys (or maybe more critical?).

That's it for now, see you in the comments world.

Oh, and do note that I'm based in Helsinki, Finland. So following GMT+3 time zone in my summer time.


  • Worma..Welcome again...Helsinki is a great place..(in the summer at least).. have been there many times...some Helsinki and mainly to Turku..

    By Blogger ilovecricket, at 13:57  

  • ilovecricket thx. Yeah nice place (Turku is nicer), but people tend to change their opinion after a couple of winters ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 14:01  

  • Worma,
    This is wonderful. Looks like Prem hit upon a great idea. Looking forward to what you unearth each day.
    By the way, since you and Prem are separated by eight hours, we can have regular blogs, prem can continue the 7am-2pm routine, you can do something to contributein in between, which means the blog keeps gettng updated with fresh discussion points..

    By Blogger Toney, at 14:10  

  • yeah, didn't think of it that way...but yes looks like we can keep it running round the clock !

    By Blogger worma, at 14:53  

  • Worma,

    mix-up meant too many going on different ways b'ze Prem was busy and we were carrying along on same forum for days.
    mot Any way only things i know about ur city is wonderfull athletics stdium and out nhl golie mikka kiprussoff.

    By Blogger MAHER, at 14:56  

  • ok, so who is this Sujata person? :) Don't remember reading her comments here.. as someone said on another comments thread - another introduction in order?


    By Blogger Rahul, at 15:00  

  • maher if its mikka, then must be finnish ! and yeah, I understood you meant confusion by my comments. Hopefully now when prem is not around I can keep this going. And comment on my own posts :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 15:05  

  • Really great thing. Welcome Worma to Sightscreen. I am sure you will maintain the high standards of Prem.

    On Sujata - If I am not wrong, Sujata has been a regular contributor to Rediff and needless to say, like most rediff contributors, she writes really well. Hope to read her views on this blog.

    By Blogger Oracle Guy, at 15:07  

  • Worma, u are in Helsinki and Avinash in Brussels. Not many cricketeers there !

    Still, curious where the W come from and why aren't you Marma or Mama..Mama Ghorpade was atest player from Vadodara.

    Good luck with your postings..

    By Blogger CrickTip, at 15:22  

  • hey worma...didnt know u r based in helsinki. i lived there for 2 yrs in the late 90s. loved it and still continue to keep in touch with some mates there. how logn have u lived there?

    By Blogger jgohil, at 15:28  

  • cricktip thats just one username I tried while creating my messenger account long time back, and that later turned into a cyber identity of sorts. It sounded like my last name if you sound it wormA..i know...lame..i was young ;-)

    jgohil...for more than a year now, but was also based here in the late 90s and early 2k for a while.

    By Blogger worma, at 15:37  

  • Worma, congrats..this place is going to be even more busy from now onwards. How many hits does this blog get per day...somewhere in the 1000's I'm sure.

    Just a side-note...since you're based in Helsinki...I recommend you check out Architecture In Helsinki...a very cool band from Australia infact that should be listened by all.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 18:05  

  • good stuff, worma. happy blogging

    By Blogger Avinash, at 20:48  

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