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Monday, January 16, 2006

Upcoming seasons

More news on the board's rescheduling of the next few seasons.

So,apart from more cricket with the big nations,it will also not participate in the Champions Trophy in 2008.

Is this really a good thing? It is one thing to want to completely maximize revenue, but surely there is also a larger picture, beyond revenue and prestige?

Which is, that if smaller nations like Bangladesh and Kenya and lesser powerful yet established countries like SL and NZ get totally marginalized, what does it do for the game?

How will Bangladesh or Kenya ever develop? And is it fair that the cricket loving countries of SL and NZ are deprived of a chance to see their players participate in top-level sport, simply because they have lesser financial clout? How fair is it on the players of SL and NZ ? The likes of Jayasuriya, Murali, Vaas, Bond, Astle,Fleming, they have enriched the game as much as a Sachin or Waugh.


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