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Sight Screen

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quick response to slow one? (-worma)

Remember some time back Prem started the discussion about Shoaib's 'new' slower one...and I made a reply post in analysis...taking hints from Hoggard's article on the problems faced by English batsmen. One aspect of that was the height of the sightscreen, and how English batsmen seem to have faced difficulties sighting the release of the ball?

Well..here's the good news...the Indian batsmen (Sachin in particular) has requested for an increase in the height of the sightscreen, and ground management at Gaddafi have already agreed.
"They have said that Tendulkar has asked for the changes because he feels he might not be able to sight the ball leaving the bowler's hand properly in the backdrop of the current sightscreens," Altaf said.


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